Health benefits of swimming: 10 reasons why swimming is the best exercise

Health benefits of swimming

Swimming is something everyone should know, it is a life skill. It is also the best exercise if you want to burn fat, boost metabolism and tone your muscles. This low-impact exercise is perfect for pregnant woman because it will tone your body without putting pressure on your joints and muscles. It works your whole body and helps lower the risk of heart disease and resting heart rate. As water is around 800 times denser than air, your body will be under constant resistance. You will burn about 500 calories by swimming for an hour. Here are some more reasons to start swimming.

1. It engages otherwise underworked muscles

Swimming hits the muscles that are underworked during your usual workout routine. So, your trap muscles and deltoid that are often ignored will be working hard. Swimming also helps develop your core when you try to maintain your balance in the water.

2. Improves lungs and endurance

This is the best exercise if you want to build your endurance and improve your lungs. Include swimming to your usual workout routine to increase your endurance and stamina. Swimming will enable you to use oxygen effectively and efficiently.

3. Prevents injuriesbenefits of swimming

There are several long term benefits of swimming including prevention of injuries when you age. The exercise strengthens your joints and muscles around it preventing injuries as the age advances. It can also strengthen hips and improve balance.

4. Strengthens bones

Swimming improves bone mass. According to a study conducted in rats, the bone mineral density improved in the group of rats with swimming and running stimulation as compared to the group with no exercise.

5. Makes you younger

Swimming turns back the clock. As per a research conducted by Indian University, biologically, regular swimmers are younger than their actual age. The low-impact exercise improves the cardiovascular performance, muscle mass, cognitive functioning and central nervous system. It lowers the cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

6. Reduces stresshealth tips

Endorphins are released when you exercise and it reduces your stress. Being in the water calms your body and your mind. Swimming reduces stress and leaves you refreshed.

7. Improves your sleep

Your whole body works when you swim and after this vigorous exercise you will have a good night’s sleep. Regular swimmers rarely report sleep issues like waking early or insomnia.

8. Improves blood flow to brain and makes you smarter

Swimming improves blood circulation to the brain by about 14 percent. According to researchers, the water exerts pressure on the chest and it may be the reason for improved blood circulation. Improved blood flow to the brain will improve brain function.

9. Lowers risk of diseases

Swimming regulates blood sugar levels, reduces the amount of bad cholesterol levels in the body and lowers blood pressure. By including swimming in your daily workout routine will lower the risk of diseases like stroke and diabetes.

10. Improves flexibility

You twist, stretch and pull through the water while you swim and this improves your flexibility. During swimming, your hips are engaged, arms and legs are moving and your spine twists. This makes your body more flexible and agile.

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