Father’s Day 2017: 7 healthy father’s day gifts you should give your Dad this year

Father's day
Father's day

It is difficult to select a gift for a man and when it comes to the man you admire the most, it is more challenging. The cute mugs with cute messages are done to death, so don’t even think about another mug this year. You should give your dad something that he will use and no we are not talking about a shaving set either. Select a gift that will make your dad healthy and keep the age-related ailments at bay. Do not worry, we are here to help you out. Here are some healthy gifts you can give your dad this Father’s Day. So, read on.

1. Ayurvedic massage voucherAyurvedic massage

Ayurvedic oil massages are for everybody and not just for women. Gift your dad an Ayurvedic massage, which has several health benefits. Massaging reduces stress, induces good sleep, relaxes the mind, improves blood circulation in the body and reduces body aches, muscle stiffness and joint pain.

2. Health trackersHealth trackers

Get him a health tracker like Fitbit to monitor his health and reach his fitness goals. The wearable gadget will not only monitor the number of calories he burnt or the heart rate but will also tell about his sleep pattern.

3. Sports/gym shoesSports/gym shoes

You will encourage your Dad to go for a morning walk or jogging by gifting him sports shoes. He can use them in the gym or for regular walks. Your gift will help him to stay healthy as well as look good. While buying shoes, select something comfortable and of good quality.

4. Gym membershipGym membership

And since you have already bought him a pair of sports shoes, get him a gym membership as well. Select a gym that is close to your house, that way he will not have to travel far to attend it. If your Dad likes swimming, go for a gym with a swimming pool. Start with a one-month membership and extend it later.

5. Hiking groupHiking group

Let him enjoy a day amidst nature. You can plan a hiking trip with your Dad or send him with a hiking group. He will be able to make new friends and maybe he will come back ready to go for another one. If you stay near Mumbai there are several trekking and hiking trails near the city and monsoon is the best time to explore these beautiful landscapes.

6. Equipment for exercise at homeEquipment for exercise at home

You can give you father a pair of dumbbells or other equipment that will help him exercise at home instead of going to the gym. You can give him a resistance band, yoga mat as well as punching bag and gloves. You can also guide him with various exercise videos available online.

7. Celebrate Father’s Day with healthy vegan brunchVegan diet

Celebration doesn’t have to mean fatty food and sugary drinks. Take him out for a healthy brunch. You can go for vegan or vegetarian brunch at a nice restaurant or make it more personal by cooking it yourself.

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